Wiring Blocks Batteries

Wiring Blocks Batteries

15 September 2019 0 By Argonothe

The next step is wiring the battery packs.

We will link the three 18650s in each case, connecting the 3 negative terminals, then the 3 positive terminals together each battery block, will form a cell.

Each negative terminal of one cell will then be connected to the positive terminal of the next.

On the first cell (counting from the bottom), we will add a wire from the negative terminal, which will later be connected to the BM- of the BMS.

On the last cell, we will add a wire from the positive terminal, this wire will be connected later to the BMS B.

Finally each positive terminal of the cells will be connected in order to the BMS.

  • cell 1 blue cable,
  • cell 2 yellow cable,
  • cell 3 white,
  • cell 4 green
  • purple cell 5
  • cell 6 red

The goal is to get the montage below

BMS wiring scheme

To solder set the temperature of your soldering iron to 380 degrees

Remember to ventilate if you don’t have a smoke vacuum cleaner.

We will now test the welds, adjust your multimeter as below: