Before about

Before about

11 September 2019 0 By Argonothe

A few months ago, after an exchange with a friend of mine during the RAP I decided to make me a light power supply, very light to do astrophotography.

I first designed and built a first prototype:

The objective was to have about one night of autonomy, a goal largely achieved by this first model.

This one was quickly followed by a second model with more features:

  • 2 aviation-type 12V sockets.
  • Display: V, Time of use, temperature, W power, Ah capacity, total KWh capacity
  • a BMS with a balancing function to maximize battery life,
  • A regulation of the temperature of batteries etc.

In the end this model weighs less than 1.3 kg for more than one night of autonomy.

You will find on WA the whole first part of this project.

And I’ll detail here in future articles building a power supply from A to Z